Monday, 27 October 2014

♥ Im doing NANOWRIMO ♥

Im doing NANOWRIMO this year and i thought i would write a post about it, so here i am - writing a post

Last year i took part in Nano, and i loved every minute of it, i had to stop mid way through the month due to taking on another job and just not having the time to write 2000 words a day, but what i loved? The community, that no one was judging your ideas and that everyone was great at helping, supporting and encouring each other. I had no intention on joining this year, because life has been so hectic lately and we havent even hit Novemeber, and i have other priorities, but then i got an email from Nano, and well i commited i spent my weekend considering characters, ideas and plots. I spent hours on pinterest for inspiration, got myself motivated and logged into the forums and now i cant wait.I still have plenty of planning to do, but lets say for now - im writing a romance, and whether i win or not, maybe ill be motivatied to write more...

Are you taking part? Send me buddy links :)


  1. I"m planning to do it this year as well. I've got a friend here in my town that I'm going to be buddies with. I need to do more planning before this weekend though! Good luck to you and I'll find you on NanoWriMo website!

    1. Here's my profile page: