Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Miss Match by Nicola Yeager

Meet Tansy Breakspear.

A mid-30s journalist, she works for a free newspaper called Urban Trend -- and writes a popular agony aunt column under the pseudonym of Betty Carpenter.

Betty Carpenter’s advice to her readers is compassionate, clever and practical. She has a reputation for supplying sympathetic, workable solutions to readers who come to her with a bewildering range of relationship problems.

But if anyone needs the help of an agony aunt, it’s Tansy herself.

Her own love life is a major disaster area, and that’s putting it mildly. She’s having unsatisfactory affairs with two married men and has been stalking a third.

As her relationships start falling apart, it seems that there’s nowhere to go for a single, sexy, self-deluding, Rubenesque redhead with a taste for expensive restaurants, illicit liaisons and Aperol Spritzers.

But then a chance of happiness comes from an unexpected source, and it looks as though Tansy may find true love after all – with the help of Betty Carpenter.

Will Tansy meet her perfect match?

Or can Miss Match only match up other people?

Another book that was sat at the back of my kindle quietly that has now got its moment in the sun. Sometimes i will see authors advertising their freebie books on amazon on twitter, i usually then pick them up, i'm sure this was was on. Anyway, lets talk about it shall we?
We meet Tansy, a beautiful fiery redhead that seems to be getting her selfs in all sorts of wrong relationships and convincing herself they are right. In her professional life she is well known advice giver Betty Carpenter. Tansy is going through a crazy patch in her life, and even i felt a bit like, love- what are you doing??But all intents and purposes she means well. As a character i love her to bits and wanted all flaws to be loved by an honest man. We follow her as her career progresses and moves into the online world, where she dispenses even more advice to her dutiful followers. Will her own advice come in handy? I guess you should read and find out! This was a well built story that was a fun light read perfect for a chilly afternoon. Tansy is a great character that has all the flaws we humans have, and all the issues that we could all face..some more extreme yes, but these things make the book great.


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